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e-Newsletter plugin

Looks great, just what I needed. I was fiddling with open source PHPLIST and this is much easier, thanks.


1. Dashboard>Members>Bulk Actions only allows delete, not bulk move members to different groups

2. It is Hard to tell which group a newsletter is sent to….After the newsletter is created is says go ahead and send… when do I get to decide which group the newsletter will send to? After I hit the go ahead and send button? If so, it will be helpful if the button says “select group” instead of go ahead and send.

(I have a live list of subscribers so I’m afraid to test repeatedly test it and piss off subscribers. )

3. Is there a way to mass import my email addresses from my phone book, GoogleDocs etc or do I have to input manually? It looks like manually.

Thanks again.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    All great ideas. Any other members see specifics here they’d like to add a +1 to?

    As to the bulk import there currently isn’t a tool for this so manual entry or folks signing up on the front-end through the widget are the only ways.

    Thanks again for your input!

  • ThePath
    • The Bug Hunter

    Sup dudes, yeh I would like to +1 all of that!

    I take it to add our own templates all we have to do is copy the structure of the existing ones and upload them and they will auotmagically appear in the menu?

    It would be very cool if you had the option to send out a quick plain text email also and be able to create an html email right then and there. For instance PHP List (which is great but slightly difficult to navigate) has an HTML button which when pressed allows you to paste your html email in directly. This feature would be good for those of us who have made a few templates already, Just offers a bit more flexibility.

    All in all though a great tool for beginners and clients to start sending HTML emails.

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