Feedback on "Social Marketing" name of the plugin

Purely FYI, I’ll comment that I found the name of this plugin, “Social Marketing”, rather misleading. I was *very* excited to check out the plugin when I read your teaser text of:

Get your message onto the social webs with this plugin for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and…

As I mistakenly thought that this plugin would help me automatically share my posts out to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In particular I was interested in Google+ as I do have plugins now that do the automatic sharing to Twitter and Facebook.

I was disappointed to discover, though, that this plugin does none of that and instead pops up an ad that people can then use to share your content out to those social networks. I guess I don’t think of that as “easy sharing” as it involves popping an ad up on the screen, which is a bit more intrusive of a user experience than I want to have on my sites.

Unfortunately I don’t have a suggestion for a better name, but I would just give the feedback that I don’t find the current name very helpful.

P.S. Comments about the name aside, for sites that are okay with popping up ads this does indeed look like a useful plugin. Thanks for creating it.