Feedback on the Calendar Plugin

This is one of those things that I hadn't thought of on my own, but it turns out, I didn't need to! You guys are amazing, and this plugin is exactly what my clients wanted and were looking for.

PlaythePlanet is designed to allow non profits to collaborate and share, and as such, I'm integrating a number of features.

When I made the rounds and point blank asked them what else the site needed, this was what they all said. A calendar that we can share as a group...and of course, the great thing is...each group has its own calendar, so some stuff can be shared, and some stuff can be kept strictly internal, depending on the needs of the group. Fantastic, and easy to use. Once again, you guys knocked it out of the park!

Thank you!


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey again.

    You've really been singing our praises today!

    It's these nuggets of gratitude which make our jobs worth it so thank you once again for your kind comments and I'll be sure to let the developer of this plugin and the team know.

    Of you may also like to look at Events+ if you run events, it's a much more in depth plugin and your events can be put into your BuddyPress groups as well.

    Maybe just one for you to play around with when you have time. :slight_smile:

    Thanks again.

  • christopher_d__hartpence
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hey Timothy! Oh, there will be more praise singing, to be sure...I wanted to make it a point to write these reviews as I get each plugin fully tested, so I'm a little behind, but trying to set time aside each day to write them, based on my experiences in testing and feedback from the small test group of users I'm presenting to as I prepare to bring this site live.

    Really...I couldn't have done it without you've got this outstanding collection of top tier plugins, all in one place, and just crazy-good customer support! Makes me wish I'd found this place sooner!

    Merry Christmas!


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