Feedback on the new Subscribe by email

Hi there,
First of all big thanks for the new sbe plugin, the new features are a huge improvement!!
Really great. Thought to let you know, since I was one of the people that requested them.

I'd also like to give some feedback/suggestions for further improving.
1) The term Header text (settings --> mail template) is not optimal imho. Better would be Subtitle.
2) Perhaps it's good to mention somewhere that the logo has a max-width of 200px. I'd prefer 400 or 500 px btw...
3) Next to the logo automatically the Notification From Sender is placed. I'd prefer the header text in this place. (After all: this is the place that I'd call the header...)
4) The by %s on %s translation is not shown in the mail.
5) It is possible to click the subscribe button and get the positive green ajax message, without filling in your emailaddress. (Try on
6) I'd appreciate some styling options for the submit button
7) And how about a message to the admin when there's a new subscriber or when someone ends his subscription?
8) I expect a few questions or remarks on the Subscription page. Great service to subscribers, but I'll have to explore further.

Perhaps a whole list, but I want to emphasize that this is positive feedback. This is now almost a perfect plugin!

Thanks again and cheers!!