Feedback on WPMU Dev Dashboard

Hey, big fan of WPMU, I try to be helpful on the forums. I work at an agency, I’m part of a team. The Dashboard has my photo all over it, my recent posts, all my biz right up in our client sites. Its the main reason I haven’t installed it on more sites yet, I’m just making a little plugin that hides things depending on different conditions, so I’m having it hide the dashboard from everyone but me.

I would really like to be able to use the dashboard in a team setting, but I just can’t when people can get instant access to my account, my forum posts etc. I really think there should be a vanilla version of the dashboard that’s more about the website and plugins and not about me. If I want to see my posts on, I’ll login there! I don’t need to see myself helping other people on my client’s websites, it just doesn’t make any sense.

At the time of writing, I just realized I could “log out” inside the website and still use the plugins, which is great. That’s probably enough, but still, seeing my account details all up in the website dashboard makes me nervous. Some kind of option for teams or organizations might be nice too, that way I could show up as Go Local Interactive with a logo instead of myself.

This isn’t really a support ticket.