Feedprocessing strange behavior


Unfortunately pipes.yahoo.com stopped working....
So I had to make a lot of changes within the plugin disabling feeds and adding new ones.

I noticed a strange thing. I wanted to pause all the (pipes.yahoo) feeds I was using by changing the 'process this feed' setting from 'Every 2 hours' to 'Never (paused)'.
After saving I got back into the All feeds display. For most feeds it worked, but some of the feeds keep displaying the next check time instead of showing never. Went into those feeds again but there it says never. Had to change the setting again into 1 hour, save, and change it back again to Never again to get it display right in the All feeds screen.
For some feeds I had to do that several times... Tried a different browser but also showed the wrong setting in the All feeds screen and correct setting in the feed itself.

So far the strange behavior, was able to fix it.
I also have some feature requests, hope I may post them here:

1. I've more than 30 feeds in autoblog. When editing a feed on page 3 it always takes me back to page 1. Would be nice if the plugin remembered the page the feed is on, so after editing it would take me back to page 3 again.
2. I now use keywords (in postfiltering) within the feed to assign a category to the post. I have about 30 categories, but all of them use the same feed. It would be great if I could assign more than one keywords to their corresponding category (ad tag) and that within one feed in autoblog. Now I had to enter 30 feeds in autoblog so each of them can asign it to the right category and get their own tag.

feed name: urltofeed.rss
exact phrase: word1, category: word1, tag: word1
exact phrase: word2, category: word2, tag: word2
exact phrase: test, category: look, tag: testing
exact phrase: apple, category: fruit, tag: healthy

That way there would be less load on the server and would it be easier to maintain.