fetch custompress data


I want to fetch all data from CustomPress, I wrote the query but it only fetch one custom field.
I have many custom fields, can you offer assistance on how to fetch all custom fields?

SELECT posts_relic.ID AS relic_ID,
      posts_relic.post_date AS relic_post_date,
      posts_relic.post_title AS relic_post_title,
      posts_relic_custom_fields.meta_value AS relic_custom_value
FROM ts_posts AS posts_relic
    LEFT JOIN ts_postmeta AS posts_relic_custom_fields
          ON posts_relic_custom_fields.post_id = posts_relic.ID
  AND posts_relic.post_type = 'relic'
  AND posts_relic_custom_fields.meta_key = 'aaaaaa'