Fetching pre-existing posts

Autoblog picks up only new posts following its installation.

Is there a way for it to fetch old posts (ie those published before Autoblog is installed)?

If not, what are available autoblogging options out there for doing this?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops


    I'm afraid that Autoblog cannot get anything that was published pre-its-installation.

    And I honestly don't know of any that do have this capability.

    Very sorry! Perhaps someone with more autoblogging experience will know something.


  • jean-pierre
    • New Recruit

    the problem is not the auto-blog engine, but the feeds themselves... auto-blog is based on what the feeds distribute, and usually, it's not really large. in Wordpress, if you do not customize it, it will feed 10 posts at max. in vBulletin, as much as 15... but that's all, you need your feed to be configured to distribute at least X posts to have a serious pre-fetch list of posts.

    what you can do, if your source is a friend, is to ask them to enlarge their "most recent items" before you connect for the first time... in Wordpress, the admin goes to: wp-admin >> settings >> Reading >> Syndication feeds show the most recent... it is set to 10 by default.

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