Fields are disappearing in Appointments+

Location and field are disappearing often upon selecting a random option. Need help.

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    Hello, Dale

    I've looked into your problem and test it from my end, but can't replicate the issue now and everything seem to work perfectly fine, however, In this case I believe that it's a cache issue from your end.

    So in order to fix that please clear the browser cache and then try to reload the page again.
    If it still happen please try to open your site in incognito mode and see does it still happen.

    If clearing browser cache didn't help can you provide us with some additional information:
    - Exact version of OS and Chrome
    - What are console errors are you getting
    - Are those console errors shown when dropdown fields work

    If the problem still occurs and feel free to contact us anytime via this ticket.

    This is your site from my end :

    Kind regards,

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