Files not appearing in dropbox


Authorised dropbox. I run a snapshot with dropbox as destination. No files appear anywhere in dropbox.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? I dont know what to put in destination so I just put a folder name but I dont know where to put the folder on dropbox. No documentation that I can find.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Paul

    @leejacksondev, Thanks for upgrading and trying the new Snapshot 2.0

    The transfer of the files to Dropbox or any other remote destination are not immediate. Meaning if you ran a snapshot backup manually but set the destination to Dropbox the zip file will initially be created while you wait. However the transfer of the files to the remote destination are performed by wp-cron. Basically this means you need to have traffic on the your site front-end to kick off the wp-cron processing. So best advice is to load up your home page and keep reloading a few times.

    As for the Destination option on Dropbox and other remote destinations. With Dropbox when the file is finally pushed Dropbox will create a folder under your account's Apps directory tree. The complete destination path is /Apps/WPMU DEV Snapshot/

    So this mean all you Snapshot files will be sent to this path. But what if you are running Multisite or running two WordPress systems with the Snapshot plugin to push backups to your Dropbox. Since multiple site archives are pushed to the same root folder on dropbox it might get confusing which file is from which site. So with the destination option you can push files to a subdirectory.

    I'm working on 2.0.1 which should provide better descriptions for the field labels.

    Let me know if your files don;t make it to Dropbox.

  • HansRuedi Keller

    Hi Paul

    Just made a Snapshot (incl. wp-config file) to Dropbox with 2.0.3-Beta3


    PS: There is an asterix after "Destination Name" in Dropbox config… What for?…

    Where are the "Notes" showing up after a Snapshot – e.g. in the "All Snapshots" Table?!? In the "Notes" row you have other usefull informations, but no Notes. :wink:

    And under "All Snapshot" you are writing "To delete a snapshot set the checkbox then click the 'Delete Snapshots' button below the listing." There is no real Button – and it's called "Delete". And the point is missing at the end. Yes, only cosmetics… :slight_smile:

  • PC


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    Just to manage the support issues more efficiently, I am marking this thread as resolved for now however this is not being done to avoid your questions in any ways.

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  • kenlyle

    As of today, Dropbox Destination setting is still not clear.

    "if directory field is blank, uploaded files from Snapshot will be stored into /Apps/WPMU DEV Snapshot on your Dropbox account. The optional directory here allow you to store the uploaded files into a sub-directories. This can be multiple levels of sub-directories. This is a global setting and will be used by all snapshot configurations using this destination. You can also defined a directory used by a specific snapshot."...nothing helpful...

    In the Dbox web client, the folder is /home/WP%20Site%20Back-Ups

    Is that what goes in the box?

    Thanks in advance for anything that's like documentation or Help. Are spaces valid? And, is there really no validation on save of the Destination setting? Wow.

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