Filter events based on user group (no Buddypress)

Hi there!

First of all, thanks for providing all those quality plugins, I really appreciate it.

I have a question about the display of the Event+ calendar.

I plan on organizing several events for different groups of people. I also want to allow each member to see a custom version of the calendar, so it matches the user's group.
For example : On the same day, group A has an event at 3pm and group B at 4pm. I'd like the users of group A to only see group A's events. I need a way to do this dynamically.

I know I can filter a calendar by category of event, but it doesn't solve my problem. I must either make a different page for each calendar (with each having a different category filter) or all the calendars on the same page and use a bit of code to make only the correct one display.

I need the back end to be incredibly user-friendly (I am creating the website but will not be in charge of managing the events, and of course the people managing the events are not computer savvy.)

Is there a way to DYNAMICALLY filter the events according to a logged-in user's group (standard WP group or Ultimate Member). My goal is to have one unique page displaying a calendar filtered according to the logged in user's group.

As the title says, I'd really appreciate avoiding using the BuddyPress integration to do this, as I would need to give up my actual user management extension just to use that functionality.

I hope I was clear enough. Of course, don't hesitate to ask for any details/precision you need.