Final advice required for Buy & Product page

Hi all

Please bear with me for a few days more....I'm nearing the end of my support subscription. Before leaving, just want a few more suggestions, advice, guidance for my website that I'll be completing in a few days time.

The website is

I am a creative person by profession and so far was getting my sites done from freelance sources and don't know what possessed me and I thought of trying my hand in creating a multi-site in wordpress on my own for the first time in my life. Being a novice whatever I've managed to complete (in my spare time)...the time has come now to get some serious guidance on things that I should have looked at or still have chances of improvement (with limited ability)....I must say this would not have been possible without this forum, and you wonderful people...especially Timothy, Joe, GinaB, Jason, Phil, David, Aaron, Tammie and all others....a big big thanks to all you lovely people....who with lots of patience guided me, and answered all my stupidest of queries.....well almost...:wink:

The only two things that I'm stuck with now is

a) not been able to manage to show a different page in "Store" page (menu item BUY in my site)...wanting to put some text there instead of products (automatically displaying now) and the other thing is

b) Showing "Global" products in home page and in a "order by latest first" list

Any suggestions?

The other things that are left.....Hoping to replicate the final product with Blog Template that most of the site owners use my theme layout (sorry Tamie's theme layout)...and I hope the PayPal chained payment works when the final transactions (earning commission from sale proceeds) gets activated...although tested it with sandbox last month but still keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll appreciate any guidance, advice, suggestions...I have used your FrameMarket, MarketPress, Blog Template, Ad Widget, BBPress, Q&A, and few others.

Thanks & Regards