Final Touch still incomplete… please advice about settings

Valued Support Team,

as you probably know, Tyler were so kind and supported us to get our m2pro up and running.

Now, after reassuring of several details about registration form we strongly believe we followed precisely the given advice and added one more page ‘to achieve an additional simple user registration’ but we did NOT change the settings Tyler did…

However, what we did, we moved the profile fields from extended to basic profile with in BP User form… now, the membership registration form is not displayed anymore which cause now the trouble, that visitor of our page can’t register a membership (shame on us :slight_frown:(

Therefore please be so kind view the attached screenshoot and advice us what we have to do to get the membership registration form displayed again.

Perhaps the possible solution would be to determine/reset the PROFILE fields in m2pro… unfortunately we can’t find those option in settings anymore.

By this occasion we also figured out, that there are two major issue which needs your support to fix those.

1) m2Pro registration does not store LAST Name to database

2) Automated Email response does not forward user password

We appreciate much being supported by you once again.

BIG thanks in advance