Finally get the event page to fit within the body of my theme


I've spent weeks on this, coming back to it, etc.

Can you please tell me exactly how to get my events page to display in the body column of my theme just like the screenshot on your sales page?? That is the entire reason I purchased this plugin.

I have the appearance settings single event template set to full-width, but it spans the entire screen with no margins or padding.

I tried copying your default templates to my theme. That just causes the appearance settings to disappear.

I have attached a screenshot in previous support tickets. I do not want to use a shortcode. I just need the full width events page to fit in the page body with right/left padding just like any other page, and the screenshot on your sales page, with no other sidebar, map on the right column just like it is now but fitting into the page.

Please help me with exactly what to do I have spent weeks on this that is all I need to know.

I've granted support access and given you my WP login and don't know what else to do I'm going crazy and wasting weeks.............

Thank you.