Find the right solution:WPMS or Single installation?

Hello guys,I'd really be grateful if someone can put some light on it.I'm a bit familiar and comfortable with Wordpress but never used WPMS or buddypress in past.
For my new site I've been thinking since past few days what would be the right solution to make.
I don't really need a community and I have a custom designed theme so I'm not thinking about using buddypress.
What I want is:A main wordpress site with store and membership(both I can use from here) along with free users,also I will have a bbpress where all clients and members can post and free users can only read.
It would be easy for me to use WPMS in terms of managing as in few section of site I'm planning to use separate theme/etc where all users can only read or comment and WPMS by default gives all users of main site subscriber role.
No user created blog I need.
Now my point is,I can map all wordpress subscriber of main site to bbpress inactive so they can only read.
All clients of product and membership plugin clients I can map as member in bbpress provided I have control over how Marketpress register clients AND against which default role Membership plugin creates user
I would like to use affiliates as well again available here.
One more point is I don't want user to have different profile or to have access to admin dashboard.In the solution I suggested there is a chance that people might get two profile,one for Wordpress,another for bbpress,same is applicable for affiliates.
Having fancy features for User profiles etc is not a requirement.
Wordpress single installation would do fine or you people suggest WPMS(I don't want to let users create blogs but it would help me let them access different sites using single sign on I guess)?Also I don't want to let them have to access backend.

Against which role Marketpress created users are getting mapped,do we have capability for that defined,if so can we use some role mapping plugins like Members(by Justin tadlock)?
These users profile can be accessed/edited from frontend?If so any suggested idea to have single profile page throughout mother and sattelite site along with bbpress?
Same goes for Membership plugin.
Same query for Affiliate plugin.
Thanks to all for your support!

  • Mason

    Hiya emagineit,

    If I'm tracking with you correctly (and that's always debatable) a single-site installation would be able to do all the things you require. The only reason for considering multi-site are:
    1. Different content 'areas' for users to access
    2. Using different themes for these content areas

    Is that correct? I would actually recommend page or category templates to provide a different look for different content selections. Speaking to the complexity of building and maintaining a MarketPress and Membership site, I'd recommend starting with a single-site installation. You can sync the member profiles with your bbPress installation (that way folks only have one username) and avoid a lot of the additional complexities of multi-site single-sign on and user role issues.

    Unless you need it, why make things more complicated? Start simple. If you find that you do have a definite need for multi-site you can always enable it later.

    Hope this helps. If you have more specific questions, let us know. We'll help ya as you progress :slight_smile:


  • emagineit

    Hi,thanks for your support.Even I was not very willing to use WPMS but the issue is for one area of the site where I'm gonna try out Membership plugin by WPMU,I realized it is using different sign up routine than Wordpress default.
    Lemme tell u basic thing what my site user should get.
    Main site is integrated with bbpress.Product is sold from main site.On the other hand from one area I wanted to sale membership as well.
    Buyer of anything,product or membership should be able to use forum.I have a few other things/features in site for which having signup routine to WP default is important to me for the main site.
    So if I want to do that then only option is to use different wp for membership site but this would not let membership buyer to have access in bbpress.Only if I use WPMS then the user of membership site would also have one account created in main site which in turn should trigger bbpress account creation.Correct me if I'm wrong.
    I would really be thankful if you can suggest me an alternate routine 'without' using multi site environment as I totally agree with you that WPMS can be a pain.
    Would look forward to hear from you soon.
    Have a nice day.

  • Mason


    In this case, I am going to recommend you use WPMS then.

    You only need to activate the membership plugin on one site - then, when creating your subscription levels, be sure to chose a 'role' that they will be added to so that they have a role for your network install. Doing this, will enable you to 'sync' the roles for bbPress as you normally would.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything further.

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