Finding Hummingbird a little daunting

Here is a short story

I was originally searching for caching plugins for one of my sites.

Just about every “review” i read recommended Hummingbird. However, they also all said it is a little complicated whereas WP Super Cache is plug and play, or at least has that option.

Whilst researching this i kept coming across Smush so ended up signing up primarily for Smush.

Have now Smushed the site, and what a difference it has made, so thats all great. However, having now run the diagnostics/performance tool in WPMU DEV Hub the site fails badly on two counts namely

Enable Compression

Leverage Browser caching

BOTH suggest i install and run Hummingbird

I am a little nervous as although i am experience with WP anythinh ‘techie” is a bit daunting – so three questions

1. Is there a plug and go option?

2. Is there any support i can get if the answer to question 1 is no.

3. I have read that it is compatible with WP Super Cache and I dont have to uninstall that. Can this be confirmed and does it make any difference to Q’s 1 and 2?

I believe you can see the site yourself via the Hub. There is only one in there currently. Support access has been granted.