finding out what an admin has done while they were admin

I have support access on for I have an admin in this site who is no longer going to be an admin. How do I find out what all changes they made while they were admin?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Corn,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    WordPress doesn't include any "auditing" tools by default so you can't check this, unless there was some additional "logger" installed all that time (though even if there was, if the user was of admin-role, that user could probably also temporarily disabled it).

    "Out of the box" you could check some post edits made by that user by finding and checking all the posts of custom post type "revisions" directly in the database but I suppose that's not quite what you need and if you didn't log any other activity on purpose, I'm afraid it might be impossible to track that down.

    I'd suggest installing our Defender which has a nice "Audit Logging" tool built-in that logs all activity by any user so it would give you an insight on what a given user has done, for example "user X has activated plugin Y", "user B has created a new post" and so on.

    Please note though: it will not be able to provide any information about past activity from before it was installed as such information are simply not stored in WP by default. It will only start logging after it was enabled and will give you a report on what was happening since then.

    Kind regards,

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