Finishing Touches on my buddypress site

First of all, I wish to have an upload link on my registration form for new users to be able to upload their own photo while registering. Also…

1. I wish to make the following tabs invisible on the buddypress activity page but still retain their functions:

Settings, Notifications

Also, the lower tabs: personal, mentions, favourites, following should be removed.

2. I have already set my homepage to the buddypress activity page for all those logged in but I wish to have this my default activity page set to ‘following’ instead of ‘personal’ so that users can view the activity of all those they are following once they get to this page rather than the personal activity set by WordPress. Then, there should be a ‘compose’ link on the page to post updates as it is on Twitter.

3. Help me change the name ‘media’ to ‘photos’ and ‘Activity’ to ‘Timeline’.

4. Finally, I have placed a sidebar widget to display users and those that the user is following. Beside the photo of users, I wish to have the following: Bio details (filled at registration) and the ‘Follow’ button. Under the photo of those the user is following, please, help me place the ‘message’ button.

Urgent help needed as I am a novice at coding.