Firefox and google chrome with upfront/spirit

Hi There,

I hope this finds you well.
I did most of my Upfront/Spirit development on Safari (except when I needed to debug :wink:) and now that I am looking back at what it looks like in Firefox (which my client uses too!! :slight_frown:) and Google chrome I see the elements not aligned on the page as it is in the upfront editor/safari both editor and view (specially in the case of a background image) I had checked in the past a bit but I hadn't noticed such a difference, so could it be related to the latest version as most of my late problems?
It is really noticeable here (I had even added a phone number in another text box below the address (see the shift already?) and on firefox it was showing on top of the page below the title.!!.. opening support.. also very noticeable on the home page particularly on the header
any idea on what is going on and most importantly any suggestions on how to handle that? I tried searching the questions already answered but I find the search less and less useful, only blogs seem to come up lately... (?)