First backup is not complete

I've noticed a few times when I made a first backup that the file size is only a few KB or MB's. Obviously the backup is not made completely while is says it's completed. When I make new manual backups it works at some point but takes some extra time. Also, I'm a bit worried the Hub is giving wrong info and I need to be sure the backups are done perfectly. I'd love to use this update/backup system for all my sites.

I hope there's something you can do about it and ensure backups are done properly in the future.

Many thanks!

  • Huberson

    Hello Frank
    It could be that content were skipped for some reason but backup still completed. There's obviously an error in those backup.
    For us to be able to troubleshoot that we will need to have a look at logs for those likely incomplete backup. Snapshot mostly log backup process under 'wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_logs', you can look under that directory for the log files related to the specific date of the incomplete backup and upload it for us to take a look.

    Also, can you specify for us if that issue happens with Automate backup, scheduled Managed Backup from the Hub or Managed Backup made from the site as well?


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