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Hi. I am a new subscriber to MarketPress and am using First Data Global Gateway. Is there a way to configure MarketPress to use this payment gateway?

I did not see First Data Global Gateway as an option in the configuration module. Not sure if there is a way to do this. Thanks in advance for help on this.

  • DavidM
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    Hi leinweber,

    Hope you don't mind my moving this over to the feature suggestion forum, as that gateway's not currently available by default in MarketPress. With this thread we can get an idea for how many others might be looking for the same gateway.

    If you need that integration right away, the best bet would be to seek a developer to add that for you. If you're comfortable with a bit of coding yourself, you could have at the existing gateways in the marketpress\marketpress-includes\plugins-gateway folder to see how that could be done.

    That said, any +1s on First Data global gateway?

    Oh, and I nearly forgot to say, welcome to WPMU DEV! Glad to have you as a member!


  • camparoo
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    Quick FYI on First Data: First Data requires a virtual server, as they insist on connecting over port 1129. I spent time with both and Network Solutions on this issue, and found that normal hosting packages simply do not allow a connection to this port. If your client is willing to pay a great deal more for use of this gateway, I would suggest the product Shopp. They have excellent tutorials and great customer support.

    Otherwise, please research the pricing for a virtual server and share this with your client. This is exactly what I did, and when they saw the cost for billing through First Data, they suddenly became a whole lot more interested in using PayPal.

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