first steeps for building my website


I have a domaine name + Hosting. I have all the details about the website I want to build on paper…

Now I want to start actually build it. Can some give me a steep by steep guide to follow? Do I have to choose a them first? a plugging? … I really don’t know.

Best regards,

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    Hey @Positif Style!

    Welcome to WPMU DEV and the forum. Glad to have you aboard.

    My opinion is that the first place to start in developing a website is to determine the functionality you are trying to accomplish. That functionality should drive most of your decisions. A theme is then next as it has to work well with the structure and plugins necessary to accomplish the functionality.

    In order to reduce your frustration, you should assess your skills. Your skill level will drive how much time you should spend training yourself in the tools of web development. How well would you rate your WordPress skills? Have you determined that multisite if the right tool for the functionality you desire?

    As far as this site and the tools offered, I would take a look at the functionality you desire from your site and see how the offering could satisfy those requirements. If you start the process backwards, namely looking at the tools and letting the tools drive the desired functionality, you can quickly get in over your head. Some of these tools are very complex. It is not just a matter of installing a plugin or theme and away you go.

    I hope this helps. After understanding more about your circumstances, you can get more direction and help. But I would start with the above.

    Again, welcome aboard and talk to you soon,



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    Thank you for your help guys.. I will try to answer to all your questions and give you more details:


    I already install it in my Zyma (webhoster) account. I have domain name and hosting.


    I’m looking for the social media theme, and the only one I can find is the one name “BuddyPress Social” and I don’t like it… I saw that there is other themes “Farms 133 theme pack” I download it. I logged in my Dashboard to upload the “Farms 133 theme pack” and use it, its not working… so its look like the only theme available for me is the “BuddyPress Social!!! this makes no sens…


    I need a membership website. The website need to have 2 main parts:

    – The videos Course ( 3different categories of videos courses. People will be able to watch them like on Netflix… I have the videos course ready)

    – The social media ( My member must be able to have a wall, mail box, able to share, comment, like, rate my videos course… at least meet and talk with other people how are taking the course)

    I’m not an expert that why I just need to start the site with the basic features, then in few months, hire a pro to make it a High-end website (that my final goal).


    I never use wordpress before. I’m a videographer / speaker (french). I’m fast learner generally and I have no problem learning new things online… I already start reading “Worldpress for beginners”…


    I have a lot of content ready for the website. I have videos, musics, pictures, page list and features… I even created buttons in Photoshop. Now i can’t even see how to use them!!!

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    Hey @Positif Style,

    To help you with some confusion you may have…

    BuddyPress is both an extension to WordPress to provide more of the social network features and there are themes available that are designed more for the BuddyPress configuration. There are about 10 theme/templates available that you can also modify. Really, the themes are just a “starting point”.

    The Farms Pack is a package of about 80 different themes and not just one.

    One decision you have to make is are you needing/wanting to use multisite. It sounds like you currently have a single site and do not have a need for multisite. I recommend using multisite only if your requirements determine that it is more advantageous. But you may want to learn more about it to see if its capabilities are what you are going for. It is easier to setup at the beginning rather than when (if) you have several sites.

    You will find that WPMU DEV has several choices to help make your website a “High-end website” as you suggest. There is also a job board you can post on for help in advancing your site.

    I look forward to seeing some of your work!

    Glad to have you aboard!


  • Positif Style
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    I need a multisite because, after my first website (the one i’m working on) I will build other sites…

    But for now, my focus is my social media / streaming membership site. Where I am? :

    – I finally find the other them (now its difficult to choose)…

    – I don’t know if I can choose any them and add the feature I want? or I have to choose the one that is closer to the type I want? (social media / streaming )…


    1) where can I find a video course on building a WPMU DEV site course? I bought a course yesterday and its was about WordPress ??? Its not exactly the something!!! Disappointed. I looked on the WPMU DEV site, all the videos I could find was small commercial about feature, no course / tutorial…

    2) Is it expensive to hire some one to help on build a website?

    Thank you for you help guys.

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    Personally, I would recommend that you only create a multisite if you have a specific reason for it and it is the best solution for your circumstance. From what I have heard, I don’t get the impression from you that you are looking to host or manage a large number of websites or provide that service to website owners.

    If you are only looking at a handful of websites, I would recommend you stick with independent single sites and build on them as you can/want. I believe you will find that WPMU DEV will still be a good resource for you, especially since you seem to have a joy about learning about websites and development.

    The cost to hire someone varies on many factors. I believe you can get the features you want rather inexpensively. Make sure you are very clear on what you want the feature or outcome to be, or the cost can get away from you.

    As far as videos to learn, there are a few sites that are good. Take a look at,, and

    Ciao bene,


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    Are you looking for more training on WPMU DEV plugins and themes? Or training on multisite? Training on both is pretty scarce. The reason I mentioned the other sources is that they will teach you how to interpret the WPMU side of what you see.

    I am more of a web developer. I am more focused on the functionality of a website. I know what I like in terms of how things look, but usually rely on others with an artistic eye for the “look” or design.


  • Alexander
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    Hi @Positif Style,

    Just to clarify here, WPMU DEV is our company and we provide plugins for WordPress sites. So to say you want a “WPMU DEV” site, is really just a WordPress site that might have our plugins. Everything we do requires, and runs on WordPress

    Now, there is Multisite, which is a feature built into WordPress to allow multiple sites to be added. If you need to get this setup, here are some resources for you:

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