First time installing WPMUDEV modules/themes and it crashes site


I have been working on the web (HTML, Javascript, CSS) for 15 years now, and have been using Wordpress for 4 years. I signed up three months ago for WPMUDEV because I finally have enough companies to work with to justify the cost, and I have been dying to use your plugins for over a year. I had the following first time experience and I just don't even believe it. I have been a member for 3 months so far and searched the forums/google - I'm hoping you guys can put some thought into helping out a total WPMUDEV newb even though I could probably eventually find out all the answers myself :slight_smile:

I went through the following steps:
1) setup account with DigitalOcean (1GB Ram)
2) installed fresh Wordpress Multisite
3), sites created (not customized in any way)
4) site loaded great, everything was up to date and ran fast on default themes. So fast I was really happy with the DigitalOcean account I set up more than Site5 (old host)

5) I installed WPMUDEV Dashboard, Communities, Jobs, Classifieds because I really wanted their functionality for my auto mechanic shop

6) I installed Upfront - Fixer theme to and Vantage (from SiteOrigin) for (once again ZERO customization)

7) tried to access and it took forever then crashed mysql server. Has to ssh and restart mysql and site loaded with broken CSS. I went through network admin and disabled Fixer. Then I was able to get the site to load.

8) Installed P3 - Plugin Performance Profiler
a) using Vantage theme loaded in 1.5 seconds, .9 seconds were attributed to WPMUDEV Plugins
b) using Customizr theme loaded in 4.5 seconds, blaming Classifieds for
c) I put back on Fixer theme and it loaded in 24 seconds, blaming the theme for 2.5 seconds and the communities plugin was responsible for most of the load time, 17 seconds attributed to plugins

So here is where I need help. I am assuming that I did something wrong, because it seems impossible to me that simply clicking the button "install" on several plugins on the WPMUDEV Dashboard would massively slow down the sites... Unless these plugins are not coded for multisite networks, or I chose the wrong host or the wrong plan. Why would just installing them with ZERO customizations on a FRESH install of Wordpress not work? As soon as I start customizing stuff I know I'm on my own... but a fresh install with no content?

I have searched the forums and there seems to be quite a few people having trouble with themes running off of Upfront - so I'm happy just waiting for that technology to work itself out... you guys are way ahead of the game in designing layouts, speed gets improved over time. But what about the plugins? Is simply installing 3 plugins supposed to slow down the site a whole second?

Once again I am a very old Wordpress user and I am used to free themes/plugins slowing my site down and having to remove them, but I'm very new to WPMUDEV and honestly - I've been happy just paying for the newsletters - your company is amazing at updating me on the Wordpress community. Am I expecting too much as far as speed?

Also, can you take a moment and give me your recommendations:

What hosting provider seems to have the least issues with WPMUDEV? I have used Site5, JustHost, and now DigitalOcean... I am not partial to which host I use.

What hosting plan (what server requirements, or plan type) does WPMUDEV recommend for running a multisite with MANY WPMUDEV add ons installed? I really really like your plugins and want to use many of them, but if installing 3 adds 1 whole second, I am already underwater with a website that is way too slow for a front end engineer :slight_smile:

Does multisite account for the slowdown? Would I experience much faster service if I simply set up a whole bunch of wordpress servers when using WPMUDEV?

Am I not supposed to have one multisite with all sorts of WPMUDEV plugins installed and running? I know a lot of people install stuff they don't use, but I am finding all sorts of value on your site and assumed you guys made it all work together and I'm doing something wrong.