First timer....need help setting up a ecommerce website describing and selling specialized foot care

I need help setting up a ecommerce website describing and selling specialized foot care products. Which plugins and themes would work best for me? I have details of what I'm trying to do below...

I would like a few static pages that explain the benefits of the products, then have a way for people to register (or not register, haven't decided yet) to be able to purchase such items using a checkout gateway. Maybe register so I have a email list for future campaigns.

I would also like a way for people to leave comments and testimonies about the products.

I'm starting with just 2 product lines and want to expand that is important,

I would also like to have a way for people to register to become dealers of the product. I would give them dealer codes for their customers to enter the code to purchase a product, it would keep track of sales of each of the dealers. And if the dealers wanted they could include a certain discount in their dealer promo code.

Thanks in advance for any and all help,

  • Mason
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    Hiya Scott,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV! :slight_smile:

    The first task is a synch. Using WordPress you can easily create the pages and content you want. For the shopping pages, we'd recommend our MarketPress plugin:

    It's awesome - and hang in there - we have something to help folks with the front-end and theming coming this week. Comments/testimonies can also be included as well as ratings through any of the ratings plugins available out there.

    We are also planning to provide integration with our affiliate plugin:

    We don't have an ETA on this, but it is planned :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps!

  • Scott
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    Thanks for that bit of info Mason. I would like to know more about setting up the website to allow dealers to be able to create their own accounts so they can monitor and track their sales. Is there a way for them to create their own log-in profile so they can do this plus add their discount codes?


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya Scott,

    Good questions. Installing WordPress Multisite + MarketPress gives you exactly that ability (and it's one of the rare to do so)

    Each 'site' on the multisite would have an admin (store owner) and store (MarketPress). They can enter their own products, coupon codes, and manage their own information such as shipping, refunds, etc.

    With MarketPress you can make the e-commerce work as a 'global' checkout - so folks can buy from multiple stores in one checkout, or you can setup a percentage sale where you, as the network owner, get a portion of each sale from any of the stores, automatically.

    We've worked really hard to provide a ton of options so you can create the online network you want!

    We've got other tools available to make things even easier - but if you're new, best to dive in slowly (but go ahead and do take the plunge).

    Also, we do have live chat sessions available where you can sorta pick our brains about setup. I run one myself Tuedays at 10AM EST.

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