Five questions- Font, Paypal, shopping cart, e-mail

1. How do I skip a few lines on Font and Space JpG and change the font and box size in the box

2. See attached font 2- Change Font in both of those places

3. I want to give the first 100 people to get their yearly subscription for free. The coupon doesn't work because it brings the first year with PayPal free then $17 yearly after that. How can I get this to work?

4. How do I change to look of the shopping cart, it looks like garbage?

5. How and where do I change the auto e-mail that goes to a new sign-up before paying for prosite, I want to add text?

Here is the e-mail they receive:

New Blog: Yummy 2


Remote IP:

Spam this blog:

View suspected splog queue:

Disable these notifications: