Fix duplicated slide handle in hustle custom opt-in

I copied the HTML code from another option to the new one, it works but I need to get rid of the duplicated slider handle in the new opt-in. How do I do that?

  • Peter

    Hi Huberson,

    I've been playing around with the problem a little more.
    I think it really isn't a duplicate. One is the default position that is displayed as static graphics element and the other is the actual moving slider generated by some javascript. And for some reason the connection to the neccessary js is disrupted when generating the slider while using any of the more advanced popup triggers in Hustle.
    At least that's the picture I assumed after pasting in hard html code that needs to get displayed instead of the shortcode that then triggers the content to get generated by TinyCoffee.
    I was able to solve the layout problems by copying the relevant css for TinyCoffee into Hustle. Tried the same with the TinyCoffee js files that are being called but still no luck.

    Setup at the moment: if you go to mainsite you will get an immediate trigger on a working popup. If you go to /content (first subsite) you'll get a 5 sec delay on the popup without a working slider element. All the rest of the code is working. It's just the slider that is missing.

    Hope you can make any sense of that.
    If you got to backend adminstration. On main site the active popup is "Coffee Three" and on subsite /content/ it's "Coffee code 2"


  • Huberson

    Hi Peter,
    Making some testing with Coffee_Code_5sDelay opt-in the only issue was with the slider not working. Apparently the JavaScript that perform the animation failed to get the slide id because of the delay on adding the opt-in html and nothing is triggered when it's clicked.
    But while playing around with it in the browser I got a 404 page and checking the back-end I noticed the opt-in was removed. If you're working on the opt-in at the same time we're checking it, you can create a separate test where we can check that without disruption.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to setup tinycoffee with the same setup see if I can delay the script for the slide to make it work with custom opt-in trigger.


  • Peter

    Hi Huberson,

    I ended up having to reinstall from backup. I seemed to have a problem with bbpress not working. Turned out bbpress is not compatible with php 7.1 yet and I forgot that I had changed that a couple of days ago. Good news: now I know Snapshot installer works like a charm.

    I had made those two pages just for playing around with them. That reinstall wasn't planned for. I'll get everything backup with those two pages for you.

    Thanks again,