fixed amount versus %

Hello the team !

Do you think it's possible to have the ability to set the amount for an affiliate in % ?

i explain this :wink: :

1/ I sell upgrades with plugin prosites
2/ I give a commission to the sponsor with plugin : "affiliates"
3/ "affiliates" have the add-on "supporter" activated to do that

But on "affiliates" settings, we only can give a fixed amount for the sponsor. (see my sreenshot)

It will be better if we can give a % of the purchase with pro sites.

In fact, i think some of "pro sites" users have lot of upgrades levels (like me). Each level have a different selling price...

It's impossible to set a single amount on "affiliates / supporter payment", because it does not correspond with different levels.

Like on my screenshot, do you think is possible to have this choice with percentage (%) of the purchase amount ? With this setting, it will be more simply to have a unique settings.

What do you think about this ? :wink:

Thank you...