Fixer Menu Went Wonky with no changes made by me?

I just finished this site over the weekend, and it was wonderful. I've not gone into the back end at all since I finished. I went to it today to screen cap it for my portfolio and a couple things went wrong ... the menus are now with a dark gray background that I can't seem to get rid of in the element's code and 2, the home page's logo disappeared. That one I'll fix, but the menu I was unable to fix.

first screen shot, #004, shows what it looks like when not logged in (notice upper left corner missing logo). #006 shows it in the upfront edit screen ... notice the upper left logo is there, it just doesn't show up anymore on the front end.

bigger issue though is that background behind the menu :slight_frown: i didn't program that in nor did i change it since it was fine over the weekend.

Please advise thanks!

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Tracy,

    This is quick fix for the dark background menu

    div[data-style="vertical"] {background-color: transparent;}

    You need to add this in the Theme settings -> add custom css rules in editor mode, at the bottom of the field with CSS styles. Please see the screen.

    As for the logo - it is displaying on your subsites, so could you check if you have two different images in set on main page and on subsites?

    Kind regards,

  • Tracy Renee
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    That code, thank you for it, but it didn't work. I even went to install fixer on a new site today and same problem.

    Yes the graphic for the logo is the same there as in the other menu and the footer and where it's missing on the home page, it shows up on the home page when I'm in upfront edit mode.

    To go further, none of this was a problem when i finished the site over the weekend and no changes were made by me. I do not know why suddenly out of no where it's doing this :slight_frown:

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