Fixer Upfront theme has top menu colour issues

The font seems to be the same colour as a background colour for some reason.. not sure if that is compltely the issue but the result is that the menu items can not be seen because they are the same, or near same colour as a background colour.

Can you advise please?

Ive tried to change it in the editor but cant work out how to change the font, or remove the background colour.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Guy

    I hope you're well today!

    Yep, I see that too on my test site. Looks like a recent update to Upfront buggered things up in the Fixer menu.

    I've marked this as a bug and have notified the design team so they can get that fixed in the next version.

    In the meantime, that can be corrected on your site by adding a bit of custom CSS to the default menu style as seen in the illustration below.

    1. Click the gear icon for the menu element.
    2. Click CSS styles & anchor settings in the modal, then click the pencil icon (be sure Default is selected in the little menu there).
    3. Insert the following CSS at the top of the code editor box: {background-color:transparent;}
    4. Click Save in the code editor box to save the code modifications.
    5. Click Save in the Upfront sidebar before exiting Upfront edit mode.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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