Fixing an issue with rogue margins

Theme: Suffusion

I have my site designed to display different header images on different pages. I accomplish this by creating the a slider using Rev Slider, and placing the widget for the slider into the "header widget area" and use widget logic to define which page it will appear on.

My homepage looks perfectly fine! My Community page has a margin below the header image that needs to go and the restaurant stories page has a margin above it that needs to go. I have tried targeting the element and giving it a + or - margin to adjust it, but any adjustment I make to it just screws up the homepage.

I need to figure out where this margin is coming from and get rid of it rather than just patching it with a fix. I'm worried some of my existing code fixes might be causing this.

Current Troubleshooting:
The problem is not from within the Revolution Slider plugin, as I have carefully scraped through them all to ensure this. All of my header images are the same size, so that can't be the problem. When I hide the header for that page, the margin disappears with it, so it is definitely in the header widget area.

You can see all of the header widgets in Appearance>Widgets>header widgets

You can see my custom css in Appearance>Suffusion Options>Backend>Custom Includes

Anything you can do to help me solve this issue would be amazing, as I'm almost done this site!