Fixing broken beta site

"We currently have about an 8% fail rate when trying to create new sites. Until this is resolved, if a site doesn’t create for you, just wait a few minutes and try again."

I have a single hosted site that failed. I created this site with a name that I was hoping I could use and throw into production when Hosting goes live. So I'd rather not lose the name. I understand that's just a temporary address and that actual domains will ultimately point to that space. But for now, like most here, I'd be content to use this assigned subdomain.

1) Should we attempt to recreate with the same name and hope that it links the entry in the hub with the new actual site?
2) Should we delete the hub reference first?
3) Can we recreate a site with the same name after removing it from the hub?
4) Should we just leave the bad site for Support to clean up later?