Floating Social and Events+ issues

Floating Social is working now with Headways theme, however it doesn't appear in event's pages (at least in single event posts).

An example is here.

Actually all the html, css and scripts are there, but the div is set with display:none.

In Floating Social's settings, I've kept all the default settings and to be sure I've even enabled the plugin in order to display the social buttons on any page (no exclusions).

  • aecnu

    Greetings sciamannikoo,

    I am certain that the Floating Social is working in Headway now as the developer had to make special considerations for the the theme to do so - which is indicated in the change log of the Floating Social plugin.

    I suspect that he will need to institute coding to show up on the post types of the events if at all possible in which in my opinion has nothing to do with the Headway theme of course :slight_smile:

    But we shall let the expert and lead developer of both plugins make that call of course and therefore I shall go ahead and see if I can get him in here to address this issue.

    Though this may take longer then a normal ticket, I will to get him and his invaluable insight in here asap.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

  • Vladislav


    Thank you very much for the link - one of the issues I was able to spot right away is that your page uses an older jQuery version (v1.6.4 vs 1.7.1 bundled with WordPress). The Events plugin occasionally makes use of some updated API calls in the bundled version, which are not present in v1.6.4. This will cause some javascript errors, which can cascade up and break other scripts. Can you please update your jQuery version? It is most likely being changed by the theme you're using - it could also be a plugin, but in my experience it's usually the theme.

  • sciamannikoo

    @Joe, the first sentence in my post is "Floating Social is working now with Headways theme": I wasn't sayng the opposite :wink:

    @Ve, I didn't notice it was an old version). Even though I didn't find any javascript error in Chrome's javascript debugger, I've tried to use the right version.
    A quick way to do this without hacking the theme is this plugin, and indeed, the floating bar appeared.

    But now that there is the right version of the jQuery, I'm getting a javascript exception on the very same link I've posted in my first post: the issue is in an Events+ inline script (line 727) that uses $ as jQuery alias, but the alias is not recognized anymore.

    So, is Events+ not using jQuery properly?
    Or something else deleted the $ alias?
    How can I find that?
    As far as I can see, there are other jQuery scripts that make use of $.
    On thing that I see and that I don't like in general is that the inline script is not in the header, neither near the </body> tag.

    A note to the moderators: I suppose that this post shouldn't be anymore related to Floating Social, but to Events+ plugin:

  • Vladislav

    Thanks for the changes, I'm also able to see the error, and it applies to a piece of code that targets $('.event-popular') on DOM ready:


    However, I am fairly sure that no script in the Events plugin uses that idiom of directly calling "$" in the global scope - could this possibly be a custom script? If so, you may want to wrap the entire thing in a self-executing function that accepts jQuery as a parameter. Since WordPress sets jQuery in no-conflict mode, that's the safest way of executing the script.

  • sciamannikoo


    there was indeed a custom script in the Headway options, that was there I don't remember for what reason.
    I suppose was some suggestion taken from the WPMUDEV forums, to make the Event+ compatible with Headway?

    Replacing $ with jQuery made the javascript error disappear. By the way I've completely removed the script, as I don't see any difference without it, I don't recall what is its purpose and I don't like where is rendered anyway.

    Thank you Ve!

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