Floating Social and https


Because I have some other issues with social marketing I have not installed and activated floating social yet on the fresh install on enforcethelaw.org you find now on the internet. But yesterday on another database I had. I have some issues with the plugin I would like to see resolved.

Since my site is https I really would like the green locket to show everywhere. In the box template of the floating social plugin I now have to adjust the path of the options I want to use manually from http to https. This means problems everytime the plugin is updated. Isn't there a better way you can describe the paths in the plugin?

Btw I can't keep any of the fields of this question form blank so I just chose one. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you leave one blank however during the submitting process you get a warning to fill out the one you left blank. After doing so you are not able to submit again and have to start all over again. Very annoying!