Floating Social bar not displaying correctly

Hi guys,

I'm using the Floating Social plugin with the Business Feature theme and it's not displaying correctly in IE9 (please see attached screenshot). The floating social bar isn't overflowing the Div tag that wraps the content (<div id="wrapper">:wink:.

Firefox 6 displays it fine, havent been able to check Chrome, Safari or Opera yet.

I've checked and I am using the latest version of the theme.


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    I managed to fix this is the end by adding the following CSS to my child theme:


    Although you might want to take a look at the Business Feature theme anyway as out of the box (without this modification) it doesn't support the Floating Social plugin.

    (I have since found another problem with the plugin but I'll create a another post for that!)


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    Just to fill in some info, I was also able to achieve the same effect without any modifications, by just setting "Allow fixed positioning in IE" to "Yes". By default, the plugin doesn't enable this option and treats IE differently then other browsers, as IE behaves differently. This is why this option is exposed in plugin settings - toggling it on or off can help you work out some compatibility issues with some themes in IE. However, setting this option to "Yes" will cause problems in older versions of IE (IE6 and IE7 outside the standards mode - IE7 in standards mode and IE8/9 should be fine though).

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