Floating Social bar not showing on some Marketpress pages


Floating Social is not showing on some MP pages, while it IS appearing on pages that you might not expect it to…


http://outbackaromas.com/ – Floating Social shown

http://outbackaromas.com/store – Floating Social NOT shown

http://outbackaromas.com/store/products/ – Floating Social NOT shown

http://outbackaromas.com/store/shopping-cart/ – Floating Social shown which seems odd?

http://outbackaromas.com/store/order-status/ – Floating Social shown which seems odd?

http://outbackaromas.com/store/products/category/business-candles/ – Floating Social NOT shown on category page

http://outbackaromas.com/store/products/business-promotional-soy-candle/ – Floating Social IS shown on individual product page

Ideally the bar should shown on the category page, main store page, main products page, NOT on the cart page and probably NOT on the order status page too.

Just a consistency issue really.