Floating Social doesn't display with wp e-commerce activated

HI Guys,
i am trying to use the plugin on a shop i am creating using wp e-commerce but it will not display as long as i have wp e-commerce activated. any idea how to solve the issue?

thank you

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    Hi Phil,
    Yeah, the bar didn't show at all at the site. then, using Firebug i found that for some reason the #wdsb-share-box has display:none; (which wouldn't have with wp-ecommerce deactivated. so when removing the "display:none;" the bar is shoed up. So now in the Floating Social plugin setting i added my custom CSS and now the bar displays fine but only in the products page (i am not sure if you are familiar with the wp-ecommerce plugin) but still wouldn't display in a single product page. and i cannot event find it using the Firebug.

    About your question:

    Also, are you using a custom selector in the settings for floating social?

    I am not sure what you mean by custom selector, but i have all the services selected and i didn't add any custom services.

  • fitoussi
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    yes, it happens only when wp-ecommerce activated.

    i attached two images. one shows the display:none and other one is when i unchecked the display none. and it is really work fine if i just add the CSS i need with display:initial !important to overwrite this. but i still want it to work in the single product page which in that page it doesn't work at all.

  • fitoussi
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    Hi Phil,
    i found out that WP E-commerce wasn't the problem nor the floating social plugin. i am using the "showcase" theme and after removing this line from the header

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js"></script>

    it solved my problem with the floating social plugin and also similar issue i had with other plugin i installed.
    i am not sure what does this line do but it work fine at the moment.
    do you have any idea about this function i removed?

    anyway thank you for your help.

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