Floating Social Messing up Website

Floating Social is seriously messing up website. I deleted it after I found out that it did not display correctly on any other computer in my house (main computer was showing it was displaying right for some reason).

After deleting I checked all computers to make sure it was not messing things up anymore and I am glad I did. See Screenshot. It displays badly on, at least, Google Chrome (screenshot) and Internet explorer where it displays even worse.

I don't know what to do, I uninstalled and deleted it and it is still showing for some reason. Note, that it shows on only some computers for some reason, you may not see it but two out of the three computers in my house are showing it like the screen shot shows.

Please help. Also note, it only displays on certain pages for some reason. This page for instance:


displays it and others don't. I am not sure why this is.