Floating Social, must have options

it would sew my heart from its current broken ifL

floating social had an option to:

chose per page/post on the edit php to, or NOT to include the floating social box
used well thought out facebook open graph options'
like a default picture if one is not chosen for that specific page/post
manually insert an image URL through custom field to chose a specific image for that specific page/post to use ad the OG image that will display on the facebook wall.

all the plugins iv found lacked where the other one was strong.. and vice verse, then i found one that did it all.. but it made me not able to use a no sidebar custom template..

social stuff like this for wordpress shouldnt be so hard :smiley:

ps: please add conditional css to be compatible with Thesis Theme found in

i know the second this plugin gets updated ill have issues again and probably forget what i did before or something and have to start all over on my hunt lol