floating social not appearing, anywhere

I tried it different ways, Top offset to Text, Selector and the other ones.. tried #page, #content doesnt work, i also made sure to have some boxes checked as well, ,facebook twitter and google and nothing appears..


seems a lot of things here dont have the options to make the products truly diverse in its functionality

even if this plugin was working, do i really have to have a like button and all that on my contact page?

do i really need to add/edit code for that function.. per page/post etc…

it sucks to be the whiny customer but 79 dollars a month id think a plugin like this wouldn’t require me to modify things… as far as it not working right away is understandable but no option to remove the buttons from certain pages/posts without adding code is pretty lame.

looks like Lisa Sabin-Wilson really is a big dummy lol