Floating social not working

Hello floating social plugin is not working on my wordpress website gamez.info although i have followed all of the instructions. Can anyone help me with that?

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  • Mason
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    Tried to visit your site but get the following message:
    "The Widget Blogs plugin is only compatible with WordPress Multisite."

    Can you clear that error so we can take a look at floating social. Also, can you tell us how it's not working? Is there something wrong with the display? With the ability to share items?

    The more information you can provide, the quicker we can narrow down the issue.


  • jehandad_khan
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    you can try now. The web will open now.

    Well I am not getting at all the floating bar. It does not appear on my page although i have activated the plugin and have done the settings same way as mentioned in ur instructions.

    Let me know if u need more info.


  • Mason
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    So there could be a couple different things happening here.

    First up, the theme does not appear to be coded to WordPress standards. When a theme strays away from the defaults the plugin doesn't have a way to add it's content.

    In the Floating Social settings change "Attempt to fix front page conflicts" to yes and try adding "get_footer" where it says "Use this hook".

    If that does not work then we'll need to look at the plugins. There's a lot of javascript intense plugins on the site. Try disabling them momentarily to see if the floating box appears - if it does, we know we have a conflict.

    I noticed you're using wp_mingle on the site. The theme's website only claims BuddyPress support, and the mingle plugin hasn't been updated since 2011. It would probably be wise to go with a solution that's a bit more up to date.

    The last thing to try is just deactivate one of the default themes (twentyeleven or twentytwelve). If floating social shows up there, but not in the theme you have currently active then we know the conflict is with the theme.

    Give these options a try and let us know what you find. Thanks.

  • Timothy
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    Hello, hope you're well.

    Just following up on some threads here and noted that we've not heard from you in a while.

    If you're still looking for some assistance on this thread then please by all means reopen it or create a fresh thread for any new questions.

    Take care.

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