Floating Social Not working on HomePage

First of you guys rocks my friend and customer is super happy with this pluging

First problem and fix If you click the Face Book like you some times get no image on face book to fix this i just added a small plug called Fix Facebook Like here is a link http://www.priteshgupta.com/plugins/fix-fblike

I did see a lot of post were guys wants to set up a WordPress post thumbnail for image that show up in FaceBook this plug will do that for you.

May be the Def Team can look at adding a place were we can add a default / fallback image.

Now my Problem is:

Ref This point


I can get Floating Social to Show on my front page as i don’t have a call to “the_content”

Here is a link to the code http://pastiebin.com/?page=p&id=50ad19daed398

I have tried Attempt to fix front page conflicts on and off / Show on front page: Yes

So it is my theme that don’t have a call to the “the_content” how can we over come this.

Thank you Kindly

Mark de Scande