Floating Social Performance Test

Hello There

Please i am not saying it is bad but the proof is in the test floating social slows down pages, i still how ever love the plunging :slight_smile:

With floating social: Load time 2.22s

With out floating social Load time 1.92s

My question is what can i do to optimize floating social not to mess with my page load times.

The Test with floating social activated on BlogLines.co.za


Load time 2.22s

Requests 116

Perf. grade 76/100


Page load time: 2.77s

Total page size: 817KB

Total number of requests: 106


Load Time 6.883s

Requests 104

Page Size: 715 KB

The test with out floating social on BlogLines.co.za


Load time 1.92s

Requests 99

Perf. grade 78/100


Page load time: 2.60s

Total page size: 658KB

Total number of requests: 92


Load Time 5.788s

Requests 98

Page Size: 542 KB

Thanking you kindly

Mark de Scande

optimize / scrutinize / re-energize


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