Floating Social Plugin


I was wondering if there was a way to have a network admin area for the floating social plugin. What I mean is, I want to have this available to my entire network but I want to choose what’s in the floating social box for the network. Also, when I make a change it will change the entire network’s floating social plugin. For example, I started out making this available network wide and using new blog templates everything was great – new blogs were created with the settings I chose (I hid the floating social link in the menu from the bloggers so they couldn’t change anything). However, now I want to add another social service to the network’s floating social plugin but I can’t. I’d have to do it one by one – this is a huge task and not worth it when I have or 500 people in my network. That’s why I would think having a network admin area for the plugin would be beneficial so I could change/modify the social services for the plugin and it would take effect network wide. Maybe this is available and I just haven’t noticed it – could you let me know if this is possible, maybe in the future?


Code Green