Folks, great job with upfront :-) thank you! I started

Hi Folks,

great job with upfront :slight_smile: thank you!

I started the translation of Upfront to german with the Scribe-theme and noticed it does not translate all. Here is what I found till now (translation is not completed yet):

German translation breaks left Layout of Upfront (partly unreadable / it needs more width for german - see screenshoot)

Not Translating:

Theme Settings (left Upfront sidebar)
No selectors available for the body element. (left Upfront sidebar)

Select (in Media upload)
of ( "1 of 1" in Media upload)
Search (in Media upload - search field)

Date (in Posts/Pages)
Post Title (in Posts/Pages)
Author (in Posts/Pages)
of ( "1 of 1" in Posts/Pages)
Items (in Posts/Pages)

My awesome stub content goes here (default text)

Change IMG (adding a image)

Choose map controls (adding a map)

SELECT PRESET (adding a tab)
none (adding a tab)
edit preset (adding a tab)
or (adding a tab)
new preset (adding a tab)

all for Youtube not translating

FALSE (adding a widget)

lost password? (adding login)
Log In Button (adding login)
LOGGED IN USERS SEE (adding login)
Preview (adding login)
Nothing (adding login)
Log Out Link (adding login)

Choose existing menu (adding a Menu)
or (adding a Menu)

SELECT BUTTON PRESET (adding a button)
edit preset (adding a button)
New Preset (adding a button)
EDIT REQUEST-BUTTON (adding a button)
delete preset (adding a button)
Rounded Corners: (adding a button)
BG Color: (adding a button)

TRANSITIONS (adding a slider)
always show (adding a slider)

I will update this list, when I find more. Can you drop a note to the developer team?
Or how can I fix this on my own?

Thanks, Harald