WordPress Client Area

Hi folks. hope you are well.

Hopefully this post will help other people and not just myself :slight_smile:

Basically what I am looking for is to set up a client area for my clients using WordPress. I have seen WP-Client but it just isn’t what I am looking for. I don’t mind what plugins it uses as long as it works and any help would be amazing!

Basically what I am looking for is a page for each of my clients so they can login and have all their details there so it needs to be a different page for each client. The point is to make the client feel special and looked after with there own page. I have no problem creating the page it’s just know how to keep it secure, how to have them login from a universal client portal login.

The point of the page is so they can login, download invoices that I will upload (any tips on how to have a downloadable file uploaded to a page?) where they can see login details for there different websites, social media pages etc and of course offering them additional services :wink:

I know this is quite long winded but hopefully it will help out a few people along the way aswell as myself!

Thanks guys :slight_smile: