folks, I?m playing around with the fundraising plugin

Hi folks,

I´m playing around with the fundraising plugin and started with translation into german.

It does not translate all of it!

For example:
it says "Edit Spendenaufruf" and it should be "Spendenaufruf bearbeiten". I could´t find "Edit" in the .po file.

Its just one example of several I found. Also the text of some "?" (help) does not translate.

"Allow "Country" field while collecting address" is in the .po file, but does not translate.

Can you check this?

    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ash,

    sorry for taking so long for my reply and I hope you forgive me, because its now rather long :wink:

    Here are several things I noticed while integrating the plugin to my website:
    Its not only about translation. I split it off in 3 sections:

    1.) Translation (front / backend)
    2.) Troubles I have with Paypal checkout
    3.) "Would be nice to have" - just a thought

    I tried to be as specific as possible (just ask, if I wasn´t clear as I thought)


    "Payment Options" to choose for the User:
    I found the following:

    file: template-functions.php
    line 1009: $content .= '<div class="wdf_payment_options_title">Payment Options</div>';

    shoudn´t it be: $content .= '<div class="wdf_payment_options_title">'.__('Payment Options','wdf').'</div>';
    and be added to the .po file?


    Below "Payment Options" is displayed the choice:

    "Manual" and "PayPal"

    I couldn´t find this in the files till now.



    "Fundraisers" WP Menu

    "All Fundraisers" -> only "Fundraisers" will be translated - missing "All"


    "New" or "edit" Fundraiser

    "Edit", "New", "View" are not translated (maybe theme-related?)


    "Allow Country field while collecting address?"

    found in the .po file, but does not translate


    "Fundraising settings"

    "Available Payment Gateways"
    "Default Getaway"
    found in the .po file, but does not translate

    Option field: "Manual" and "PayPal"
    couldn´t find translation (maybe the same as displayed on the frontpage?)

    Bottom of the page:
    "View an example form"
    Sounds like a link, but it isn´t ?!



    "The Fundraiser's Name"
    -> no translation found (not so important)


    "First steps"

    "Restart the Tutorial"
    -> no translation found

    Troubles I run into

    Checkout with PayPay: ending in an infinite loop

    -> I choose a reward, which displays correctly in the amount field
    -> choose Paypal and klicked on the button
    -> next page is asking my adress (can I change the fields here? I miss the Name, would like to ask for phone and email)
    -> would be nice to be able to use HTML for the message; not working now
    -> can I style the "error" massage if something is missing?
    -> clicking on the button, I come to a page asking for the amount again
    -> filling in the amount I end up again on the page for my adress (in "sandbox" and normal Paypal mode)

    In "Manual" mode it works almost perfect:

    -> after choosing the amount on the mainpage I come to the page where I can leave my personal data (with "name" and "email" fields)
    -> I have one extra field with no description (adress?). Can I change the fieldset to a more "european" set?
    -> leads to a final page with my bank-account data for manual payment :slight_smile:

    Would be nice to have

    A widget / page to display all / the latest pledgers (name and with/without amount depending on the choice of the pledger).

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hi there

    Sorry for being late here, I was sick in these days.

    Thanks for reporting language issues, I can't confirm all but I saw some of those. I am reporting this to the developer. He will take care of it.

    About the redirect issue, would you please check the functionality with default theme (2012) and deactivating all other plugins? Just want to make sure that it is not a conflict.

    About the customization, you can post a job in our job board where you can hire a developer who may help you with customization. Our job board:

    About the widget, I have marked this as a feature request :slight_smile:


    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks Ashok!

    I will try it the next days with the default theme to see if its theme-related.

    Most of theme translation usually I can do on my own (I also uploaded my translation for others here), its only time consuming to search trough all files for the right line :wink:.
    In this case I´m asking the developer for it, because if I do it on my own, it would be broken after the next update if it is not fixed in the original file.

    Thanks again :slight_smile:

    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ashok :slight_smile:

    I tried now the WP twenty fourteen theme and I have the same problems.

    The "Name" fields are not showing and I end in an endless loop with paypal. here I would really need help.

    The "Name" and "eMail" field are displayed with "manual payment".

    may you or the developer of this fine plugin can tell me which file to edit to make more suitable fields for us europeans :wink:

    and maybe to add some fields like a phone number for optional use.

    I think this could be of interest also for others (especially if they use it for european countries)

    Unfortunately I´m not a programmer, but I find my way around (more or less). together we could make this plugin even better :slight_smile:

    I´m very interested in it, because I want to use it for crowdfunding my next project.

    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Ash,

    I think it was my fault. I´m struggling with the Application ID (don´t know how to fill the PayPal thing out / "right" settings). I have to contact PayPal for some help.

    Maybe this was/is leading to the loop. Actually I get an Application ID Error (which is OK because its missing).

    With "simple payments" it seems to work. If I setup an project with "simple payments" and a pledger clicks on "donate", he get routed right to paypal.

    I found a video on YT which brought me to the idea of the difference between "simple" and "advanced". I think I will write a better explanation in my german .po file; so hopefully others will not go through all this as I did :wink:

    Thank you very much for your help :smiley:

    If I need further assistance on the "advanced payment", I will come back after I checked with PayPal for my Application ID settings.

  • Maniu
    • Developer


    I have just released new version of the plugin that adds missing translations.

    If you want to edit fields, you can do it in fundraising\lib\gateways\manual.php and fundraising\lib\gateways\paypal.php

    for manual, somewhere around line 53-64 you can modify fields
    for paypal, around 81-93

    Unfortunately if you would like to add new fields, it would require bit more custom coding that would not be as easy.

    Please let me know if you need more assistance.


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