Follow-up emails/opting out on My Account page

Question from customer:
Follow Up Emails is a critical part of making the new gift certificate UI/UE work. I've tested it for gift certificate codes, etc for functionality, but not how the Follow Up Emails plug in functions in general. I mentioned a bothersome message, for example, on the My Account page that is added for an "Opt Out" of non-order related messages. Ideally, it would nice to remove this and have folks opt-out from a link in the email. Assuming it has to stay on the My Account page - what happens when someone clicks on "Opt Out?" I didn't have any luck getting it to generate a notice that helps us know who to remove. I only played with it a for a few minutes, so I might have missed something.
I know the {unsubscribe_url} can be used within the email but I am just curious if there was a way to remove that from the My Account Page.