Follow up - Membership breaks marketpress - noone can access the store

Original question:

With membership installed, visitors can not access the marketpress products page. They can access specific products but not the product listing page. This is with absolutely no restrictions in place in the membership plugin. The 'stranger' user is properly selected.

Access is fine if i log in to wordpress and choose 'view site as visitor', but it does not work if i am logged out and therefore a legitimate visitor.

Our site is broken and we can not sell products.


Your response:

Hello there,

Thanks for your post.

Can you kindly allow me staff access to your site so that I can check if there are any conflicting rules ?

Just visit WPMU DEV Dashboard >> Support >> Staff access >> Grant access !

Please advise so that we can assist accordingly :slight_smile:

Cheers, PC


my reply:

Unfortunately I can't give access to that site. There are absolutely no rules set though. I have confirmed this by checking the database tables:

mysql> select * from wp_m_membership_relationships;
Empty set (0.01 sec)