Follow Up to a previous support request

I'm not sure if my first support request went through...

I am trying to get the Shopping cart to work... I've set up some Categories that I'd like to come back on the 'Order Online" page (in the navigation) I put this short code on that page: [mp_list_categories]

Even though I have my Categories defined... the list is not being retrieved.

I will put products up, for each category... when I see that the listed categories are displaying

Also, the pages that were supposed to be automatically created during the Setup configuration don't seem to be there.


  • Paul Kevin
    • Neo

    Hello @Glenn,

    How are you? Lets see if I can get you sorted.

    Categories will only be listed if they contain products or items in them. This is the reason why they only showed when you added products to them. To show all the categories, you can use the attribute hide_empty. For example

    [mp_list_categories hide_empty="0"]

    The pages used by MarketPress are virtual pages which are defined and can be modified when you go to wp-admin -> Products -> Store Settings -> Presentation tab (Store URL Settings).


    Paul Kevin

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