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How do I change the font color of the body paragraph text from the default to a dark gray? I have done it on the home page, but would like a code to override all the pages, instead of going in and editing each page?

Thank you.

  • Patrick
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    Hi again @tcross2013

    No, I just checked the source code of your site and you’re adding to the right place. Looks like you’re using the “Edit CSS” feature of Jetpack, right?

    But the thing is, the color you have added (#333333) is the same color as the theme default.

    What color do you want change it to?

    If you don’t already have a handy reference for html color codes, here’s a nice chart and color picker to bookmark:

  • tcross2013
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    That makes so much sense. Now I feel a little silly. Thanks for the color chart. I will definitely use that in the future.

    What is the standard for giving points, by the way? I want to give everyone who helps me like a hundred points.

  • Patrick
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    Hi again @tcross2013

    You’re welcome!

    And don’t feel silly. There’s nothing silly about asking questions and wanting to learn new stuff.

    On the contrary, it’s an admirable attitude. So… congrats!

    As for the points, there is no standard except your own. If you feel a member has been helpful and you wish to reward him/her, then give what you feel the help is worth to you.

    For staff though, there’s no point in giving points… please forgive the punadox :slight_smile:

    Simply clicking the “Helpful” button is enough. If you feel our response is unhelpful, then clicking the “Unhelpful” button helps us to know where we need to improve :slight_smile:

    I’m going to go ahead and mark this thread as resolved for now. But if you still need more help on this, simply re-open the thread by ticking the Mark as Not Resolved (re-open) box below.

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